Prepare Your Son for the PSAT and SAT

The SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) tests a student's academic skills and the results are required during the application process that many colleges require. If your teen is a sophomore in high school, it isn't too early to begin preparing them for the SAT or PSAT test. A prep course or tutoring may greatly improve their test scores and will also get them accustomed to the type of questions that will be asked on either test.

Time Management And Reasoning Skills

When it is time to take the PSAT or the SAT, your child will be provided with a block of time to complete all sections of the test. During an SAT prep course or private tutoring sessions, an instructor will teach your child how to effectively use their time. Panicking about giving a wrong answer or attempting to dissect each question for longer than necessary can have a serious impact on a final test score. It is best to be well-rested and ready to tackle each question, one-by-one, and use practical reasoning skills to come up with a solution.

On a real PSAT or SAT, there will not be a penalty for giving a wrong answer, but a score will not be earned if an incorrect answer is submitted. For this reason, it is always in a student's best interest to complete the test in entirety and to avoid skipping any of the questions.

Your child will earn a score for each correct answer and when these scores are combined, the final score will be acquired. A prep tutor or course instructor will explain the rules associated with the real test, which may put your teen's mind at ease and help them feel better prepared for the big day.

Notes And Practice Sessions

Encourage your teen to be prepared when they attend classes or tutoring sessions. Supply them with notebooks, pens, an agenda, and a scientific calculator. Get involved in your child's studies and offer to give them practice questions to work on. Consult with the instructor or tutor to determine what areas your child needs to work on.

If your teen is successful with their class or tutoring sessions, you should think about signing them up for more prep work the following year. Every little bit of practice will help your child in the long run and they will have the confidence necessary to ace the PSATs and SATs. For more assistance, contact services like High Performance Tutoring.